The Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese Kirkuk-Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

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THIS LITTLE DIOCESE IS FUNCTIONING NEARLY IN TWO COUNTRIES. Well, formally not. But since the Kurdish Referendum in 2017 there is a real border, watched by both sides. Kirkuk is a diocese that knows about dialogue between all kinds of groups . And there are some more complications. To understand Iraq it is nearly enough to know this small diocese of 7000 families. In 2014 the whole Kurdish region had been overruled by about 2 million IDP’s that overnight fled because of ISIS from west  to east. This big caravan had all in their cars: babies, women in labor, handicapped children, down syndrome children, dying grandfathers and grandmothers, heart and cancer patients taken of the hospita to come with…ALL!

And in this region they did al this together! After receiving a number of refugees from Syria, before them IDP’s from southern Iraq… In 1991 the Kurdish part of Iraq hosted 3 million inhabitants, 2018 we talk about 9 million. They just do it! Some aspects of this all I could catch in small films. Pictures of the ISIS-desaster , and the intensive work to host all IDP’s . The actual archbishop of Kirkuk, Yousif Thomas Mirkis o.p.  belongs to the persons with clear ideas about future.  The governor of Sulaymaniyah spend a ground, the diocese is creating a ‘Mercy House’  for muslim and christian or other old aged people with all children in exil. Cooperate together is the only way of hope , the only way to future in peace. The diocese housed besides the 4000 IDP’s also 700 students: christians, muslims, Yezidi   and they had to live together.

When ISIS had been defeated there were nice celebrations to say good bye and then most families went home to Caracosh or to Mosul. The archdiocese went on helping the Yezidi-students one year more, because of their very difficult situation. The multicultural living together starts in the kindergarden  and go on in the cathedrals basic school, where among 14 teachers 11 of them are muslim’s. The Dominican sisters that are leading the schools, themselves had been IDP’s in 2014.

The diocese is already able to finance all own activities thanks to some constructed ‘projects of income’. But to help all needed people within the situation that outside world brought to Iraq, it needs still help from outside. The diocese has already since 2007 a group concerning about handicapt persons and their families. They are helping a governmental cancer center, especially the children . Since 1991 leukemia of children sixfold because of the use of poor uranium in the bombings. (With pure uranium in the bombs a precision bombing is easier.)

In Sulaymaniyah the Monastery of Mary Virgin  is specialist in dialogue and because of that the Order of Mar Musa (Syria) had been invited to use that buildings in the old center of the town. But first 258 IDP’s came in for three years, and with them the monastery started a multicultural theatergroup that still exist.

The active youthgroup  of the diocese offered a celebration of hope in October 2017, when really hope for future came in to Iraq. But still a lot of refugees are living in camps, mostly Syrians. So till now you will find monthly fooddistribution, because of “The Reception In The Region”. Yes, Europe has to be ashamed of itself!

The catholic and some protestant parishes in Utrecht try to stay in contact with this diocese.                        Sr. Yosé Höhne Sparborth, Netherlands


Deutsch: Aktuell: Patriarch Louis Sako zum Opferfest 2021.

Das Chaldäisch Katholische Erzbistum Kirkuk-Sulaymaniyah, Irak. Wider aller Berichterstattung ist Irak ein Vorbild-Land der Zusammenarbeit. USA und ISIS taten ihr volles Bestes um Irak in einen Bürgerkrieg zu stürzen; die Iraker verweigerten sich, nur 2006 drohte es ein Weilchen. Genanntes Bistum zeigt sehr gut wie sie das schafften. Ich durfte bei einige Besuche dieses Zusammenarbeiten in kleine Filme festlegen. Im Englischen Tekst finden Sie mehr Filmlinks, hier erst mal die Deutschsprachigen. Dank der Zusammenarbeit der 12 unterschiedlichen Etnischen/Sprachgruppen können sie auch gemeinsam aufbauen. Hilfe dabei wäre nicht schlecht! Die Initiative des Zusammens kommt auch von Muslime: Beispeil Mosul! Schwester Yosé Höhne Sparborth

Español: La Diócesis Chaldea Católica Kirkuk-Sulaymaniyah, Irak. Ustedes no saben mucho de este país, solamente lo que se comunican los EEUU de América-Norte. Puedo asegurarles: han sido l@s Iraquíes,  l@s que evitaron una guerra civil: se negaron. 2006 un rato se pensaba que la trampa de los EEUU había funcionado. Igual como más tarde ISIS (DAESH), EEUU hicieron todo para jugar un grupo contra otro grupo, en este país de unos 12 distintos grupos étnicos/ de idioma! La diócesis mencionada muestra bien este esfuerzo nacional. He estado en la felicidad de hacer video’s pequeños de estos esfuerzos. En la pagina Ingles se encuentra más video. Acá solamente los ‘vestidos’ en Castellano.      Hna. Yosé Höhne Sparborth

Francais: La Archidiocèse Chaldea Catholique de Kirkuk-Sulaymaniyah. Irak. Dans Irak les différentes groupes du peuple ont savoir évité une guerre civil. Après les Américain aussi la ISIS a fait tout de jouer un Group contra autre Group. Mais les Iraqiennes se refusent. Ils ont chercher la cooperation entre tous. J’ai pouvais observé cela dans cette diocese y j’ai  pu témoigner.   Sr. Yosé Höhne Sparborth